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Election Online Voting -- Why Not?

This is a head scratcher, why can't we have election voting online? In today's society we pretty much can do just about anything online. We can bank online, shop online, date online, buy a car online, register to vote online but we can't vote online. It is the 21st century, isn't it?

When we (AmberdTech, LLC) ask customers and people if they would vote online 9 out of 10 would (granted this is not an official survey) but ask yourself, would you? If not, why not? Is it because you 'don't trust the internet"? But you trust it with your banking information (if you bank online), you trust it with you credit card or debit card information (if you shop online), you trust it with personal information (if you date or have registered to vote online), so why not online voting in a local, state or federal election.

The point here is not to eliminate the current voting processes but add another way to vote. The convenience of voting from home or if you are in the military or a student away from home the ability to vote without going through the absentee balloting process.

At AmberdTech, LLC we have developed an online voting application has has a proprietary security architecture and the following features/functions:

  • Multiple Candidates per Office

  • Candidate Profile with picture and Platform description

  • TLS encryption – ensuring data at rest and in transit are always encrypted

  • Highly Secured – using AmberdTech 6 layer proprietary security architecture

  • vFor example, VOTES would never send an e-mail with an embedded live link, as this creates a security breach opportunity

  • Interface with – allowing military, college students and any user to vote anywhere in the world

  • No Top line voting – must vote for all offices, however, can ABSTAIN

  • Voter Ballot Confirmation

  • Highly transparent and auditability – chain of custody and immediate results after election closes

While we (AmberdTech, LLC) will never say it can't be breached, we will say it is more secure, has more transparency and is more auditable than another other voting process we have in the United States.

So we ask you to reach out to your Federal, State and Local government representatives to ask why not have the capability to vote online. In fact, you should demand it! Of course, we wouldn't mind you dropping our name to them either. Let's move forward and bring election voting into the 21st century!

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