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Niche Application Portfolio (N.A.P.)

Sports Facility

Employee Growth Opportunities, Objectives, and Obstacles (EGO3)

EGO3 is an Project based Performance Management Feedback Application. A recent study found that employees are now looking to their leadership teams for feedback after every project they complete. Furthermore, they’re expecting to see a clear link between annual reviews and compensation. Project based feedback is the solution! -- COMING SOON in MAY 2024

Cultivation Exchange (C.E.)

Organizational Knowledge Base Management

Cultivation Exchange (C.E.) is not your classic Knowledge Base Management solution. It unlocks the institutional knowledge that drives strategy speed (Unity, Agility, and Clarity) It allows authors to publish unlimited approved articles sharing "how to" or "did you know" knowledge across the organization.

Visual Project


Project Governance and Management

Commander  identifies/organizes project up-front funnel activities and approval cycles through Project Initiation to Project completion and follow-on impact. It allows unlimited users to add, update and track the complete life cycle of projects in real time. It also tracks Approved, Rejected and On Hold Projects to gain budget impact and ROI.

Voters Online Tallying Election System (V.O.T.E.S.) - For U.S. Federal and State Use ONLY

Voter Online Tallying Election System (V.O.T.E.S.)

VOTES is a United States ONLY online real-time GovCloud – FIPS 140-2 compliant voting election system. It uses a proprietary security architecture and is fully transparent to the voter and State Legislature. With standard features such as 1) Mobile Enabled; 2) Real-Time Results (for Online Votes Only); 3) Voter Verification; and 4) Ballot Verification to name a few. The system is designed for U.S. Federal, State and Local Elections and provides another alternative method for voting for those who want to vote online.

In addition, V.O.T.E.S. can easily be adapted to other industries (letting companies define the level of security) such as: Professional Associations, Alumni Associations, Unions, K-12 schools, etc

Group Discussion


Manager to Employee Open Communication

oDialogue  fills a gap in most Performance Management systems -- The empathy between Manager and Employee! It uses a proprietary approach to drive an open dialogue between the Manager and Employee, tracks progress centered around the Manager's empathic ability to connect with the Employee. This creates a more aligned career/development path,  better performance,  and improved working relationship to ensure the Employee has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Great for Hybrid and Remote Office Work models.

Forward Observation Customer Unified System (F.O.C.U.S.)

 Customer Success infused with CX

UNDER CONSTRUCTION -- Generally available in Q2 2024

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Couple Sitting with Financial Advisor


Personal End Of Life Estate and Asset Planning 

eofPlanning  is a SaaS (Software As A Service) based highly secured application that uses TLS encryption for data "at rest" and "on the move". It is a GovCloud – FIPS 140-2.  HIPAA, FERPA , GDPR, PCI & Section 508 compliance platform. The application has an extensive category list (as well as user defined capabilities) around someone's estate and assets to create peace of mind for those who have to deal with managing the estate after a love one passes.

Interested in getting a behind the scenes glimpse into our unique SaaS model? Give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.

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